Beirut Tarboush

Hash House Harriers

The Drinking Club with a Running Problem

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The Beirut Tarboush Hash House Harriers (BTH3) is a family oriented hash group to which all are welcome.


The hash runs once a month, sometimes on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday. The runs are in the early afternoon during winter and late afternoon during summer.


There are also Full Moon runs held occasionjally on or around the evening of each full moon, when hares are available to set them.


The weekend runs are generally in the countryside, 30 to 60 minutes drive from central Beirut. Full Moon runs are often in urban areas closer to the centre of Beirut.


Both runners and walkers are catered for at each run, usually on the same trail but sometines there are separate runners and walkers trails. The runs are typically one hour in duration but are sometimes longer so don't always count on getting home early!!!


Runs are in the afternoon and generally start at 2:30pm during winter and 4:00pm during summer, although check the details for each run as sometimes the start time is changed to suit the conditions. Full Moon runs start at 8:00pm.


Information about the runs is posted here on this website. The information is also sent out by email to those on the hash email list. If you would like to receive these emails, click on the 'Contact Us" button above.


The hash is also present on Facebook where you can also usually find information about the runs and other hash events -


'Hash Cash' is collected before the run and this covers beer in the circle after the run, plus a contribution towards hash funds to cover the group's running costs such as buying awards, e.g. tarboushes, 69 runs t-shirts, and subsidies for special events such as the annual Snow Hash, Camping Weekend and Christmas Party.


Soft drinks and water are also available after the run but it is advisable to bring your own water to drink during the run, particularly in summer time.


Everyone who comes to the hash is expected to pay 'Hash Cash', whether they only come for the run or only come the circle, or whether they drink beer, softies or water, or drink nothing - NO EXCEPTIONS (except the hares).


'Hash Cash' is LL10,000 per person. (USD 6.66)